About us

C-ACTO Myanmar


I established C-ACTO Myanmar Co., Ltd. (CMC)
This time I establish local corporation C-ACTO Myanmar Co., Ltd. in Yangon and develop business. Match power with all of you of Yangon and will make an effort to do Yangon through an advertisement in the beautiful city.We develop merely advertisement business and do not intend to excalate business at random.
I will think that I can develop advertisement business in future while thinking about the city planning of the Yangon city which will accomplish rapid growth and the future in Myanmar with Myanmar all of you. Our mission is to develop advertisement business appropriate for “beautiful city Yangon”.
Our company’s member can speak bilingual which are Japanese and English. Of course we can speak Burmese as well. That’s why client can easily communicate and can discuss easily with our company.

Company profile

Company C-ACTO Myanmar Co., Ltd.
Paid Up Capital 50,000 USD
Managing Director Hitofumi Kobayashi
Senior Manager Kyaw Swa Oo
Manager Thaw Tar Aung
Manager Takeshi Kubo
TEL +95-(0)1-8603398
Web www.c-acto.com
E-mail info_myanmar@c-acto.com
Access Yuzana Hotel 4th floor, No.130, Shwe Gon Taing Road,
Bahan T/S, Yangon, Myanmar.


HISTORY Established 28th May 2013