Policy for Protection of Personal Information

C-ACTO Myanmar Company Limited (hereafter “the company”) is aware that it is our social responsibility to protect all personal information, not only that acquired through our duties centered on consultation, production, planning and operation of corporate retail promotion or our duties as an advertising agency, but also information such as employee names and shareholders, and places this responsibility as one of our priorities in relation to our corporate activities. Furthermore, in order to ensure compliance with this responsibility, the policy for protection of personal information has been determined as shown below. The company’s employees all abide by this policy, and will strictly handle and manage personal information.

◆ Concerning Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information

When acquiring personal information, the company shall do so in appropriate and lawful ways, and when intending to provide it to a third party or outsource duties to an outside company, the required information shall be made clear, and consent to do so obtained.

◆ Prohibition of Unspecified Usage

In regard to the acquisition of personal information, the company shall clearly display the purpose for which it is being collected, and acquire the personal information with the consent of the individual to whom it pertains. Personal information will not be handled in any way that exceeds the range required in order to achieve the specified purpose. Furthermore, measures will be placed within the internal management system, safety management etc. in order to prevent any use of personal information that exceeds the range required by the specified purpose.

◆ Compliance

The company shall abide by all laws, national policies and other standards that apply to the protection of personal information.

◆ Safety Management

The company shall implement safety measures in order to ensure the safety of the personal information, and work to prevent it from being leaked, lost, damaged or altered. Furthermore, when outsourcing the personal information, as well as concluding a contract relating to maintenance of confidentiality with the outsourced company, suitable supervision will be carried out.

◆ Regarding procedures for notification of purpose for which it is used, disclosure, change of details, addition or deletion, cessation of use, erasure and cessation of provision to a third party (hereafter “disclosure etc.”) of personal information that may be disclosed

If there are any complaints, desire for consultation or have requests regarding disclosure etc. for our company in relation to personal information, we shall respond accordingly, as based in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and our company’s own personal information protection management system (JISQ15001: 2006 standards). The point of contact for complaints, consultation or requests relating to disclosure etc. is shown below.

◆ Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management

The company shall continue to work as a whole to improve internal guidelines and their methods of operation in regard to protection of personal information.

[For Consultation Relating to Personal Information Contact]

C-ACTO Myanmar Company Limited, Manager for Protection of Personal Information: Hitofumi Kobayashi